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 CoatingSys  organizes training programmes for industrial and academic scientists to enhance their technological competence to effectively deal with the  issues arising in  R&D work. Vinayak Natu, with his sound understanding of scientific principles in diverse areas of technology, equips the participants with conceptual insights to innovate for new products, enhance the success rate and reduce the development cycle time.

The courses of offered cover the following:

  1. Controlled Radical Polymerization in Water and Solvent Based  Systems.
  2. Modern Dispersion Technologies 
  3. Nanotechnology and Surface Coatings
  4. Cross-linking Technologies for Emulsion Polymers
  5. Surfactants and Defoamers for Paints and Coatings
  6. Effective Management of R&D Function in Paints and Coatings Industry

The courses can be tailor made for an organization or a group of participants.