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Welcome to CoatingSys

The aim of this site is to provide knowledgeware in the field of paints, coatings and nanotechnology  to the professionals and the students.

This site is run by Vinayak M Natu . He is a technical consultant with 40 years of experience in the coatings and chemical industry. He consults with several  leading multinational and Indian companies in the field of paints, coating materials and nanotechnology. His diverse assignments include new product and technology development as well as techno-marketing with multiple clients.

He has authored the recently released book: “Nanotechnology for Surface Coatings” which is one of the first such books on the subject internationally. This book is available as an ebook on this website under Publications section under Services menu or directly under Publications item on the left hand side vertical menu.

He retired as the Vice president-Technical at Kansai Nerolac Paints (The leader in industrial coatings in India) in 2007. Previously, he worked with Jubilant Organosys, Asian Paints and Ciba-Geigy in various capacities mainly in R&D function besides Technical Service and Quality Management. The product and the technologies covered  during his career include:decorative, automotive, industrial, coil, electrodeposition,emulsion polymers, resins, colourants, dispersions and material characterization. He  is a Post Graduate in Physical Chemistry from the Institute of Science, University of Bombay. 

He has eight patents (including 3 applied) to his credit. 

He has delivered several lectures on nanotechnology at various seminars and universities. During his career, he has presented many technical papers on variety of subjects.

His areas of expertise are:

  •  Technologyt of novel specialty coatings for industrial and architectural applications
  •  R &D of  polymers and resins for coatings
  • Nanomaterials &  nanotechnology applications in coatings
  • Colourants for decorative and industrial paints
  • Super-dispersible pigments.
  • Instrumental characterization of coatings materials.

He is a member of the Indian Paints Association (IPA), American Coatings Association (ACA) and the American Chemical Society (ACS). He has served as the chairman of the central technical committee of Indian Paint Association. He has also worked on the committees of Bureau of Indian Standards for several years.

He has been keeping at the forefront of technology by participating regularly in the international conferences and exhibitions pertaining to coatings and nanotechnology including the American Coatings Conference  as well as the European Coatings Congress.